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Refund Policy

All customers are entitled to receive a full refund for any order they have purchased if they have NOT placed any simulated trades on the respective educational simulated evaluation account(s). However, customers who plan to start 30 days after the purchase must inform us by contacting resolutions@traderedgefx.com as all educational simulated evaluation accounts without prior notice of inactivity for 30 days or more are ineligible for a refund. Customers can apply for a refund by contacting our Billing Department (resolutions@tradersedgefx.com) and informing them of the matter. After the request has been evaluated for eligibility, they will be notified via email. Customers are eligible for a full refund on any order they have purchased if they have not started simulated trading on the platform.

Customers are not entitled to any refund if they have already used our services i.e., traded on the platform or received against the order as stated in our Terms of Services.

In case of a legal dispute, all active educational simulated evaluation accounts that are at and/or above the initial balance will be refunded to the customer apart from the disputed educational simulated evaluation account and the customer will no longer be able to avail of the services in the future as stated in Section-17 of our Terms of Services.

If a customer is found to be underage by the standards of TradersEdgeFX, (under 18) their order will be refunded immediately.

Customers residing in regions where TradersEdgeFX does not offer its services will be refunded.

TradersEdgeFX does not provide its services to individuals with a criminal record or those associated with adverse media presence. Orders placed by such individuals will be refunded as part of our risk management strategy to mitigate the company’s risk exposure and uphold TradersEdgeFX’s integrity.

TradersEdgeFX maintains a neutral stance on political activities and, as such, does not permit individuals with any recorded political activity to access its services.


TradersEdgeFX only provides simulated trading services and educational tools for traders. The content and information provided by this site are intended solely for educational purposes. TradersEdgeFX does not provide investment recommendations, business advice, investment opportunity analysis, or any other general advice regarding trading investment instruments.
All trading activities are executed in a virtual environment and users are ONLY offered a demo account. TradersEdgeFX does NOT act or operate as a broker and does NOT accept any deposits. Third-party Liquidity providers power the technical solutions TradersEdgeFX platforms and data feeds offer.
This is NOT an investment opportunity. We do not request any funds for investment, and at no point do you risk your own capital.